MAD LOVE THE MOVIE UPDATE 2018. LOOK OUT FOR THE FILM TRAILER! We selected a winner in 2017 for our cruise. However, he did not follow through with the requirements to receive the cruise. We have decided to give it away this year when our trailer is released! Thank you for all those who subscribed!

We are excited to share some of our upcoming events with you! We hope to release 2 Films, 3 TV shows and one docudrama this year. Find out how you can join us on set soon. Click here!


Thank you to our sponsors. Dean Transportation, Shaheen Chevrolet, LCC AMA, ChiTv, CCM INC. Special thanks to our guest speakers: Chris Holman, Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock-, Dr. Sherri Henderson-, Jeff Crowley -, Jason LaFay -  and Dan Hagfors - We thank our hosts Regina Wilde and Edna Chichi Njoku for their tenacity. For all our guests we salute you and welcome you to the new frontier, "The Mid-Michigan Youth Media Initiative". Launched on September 30th, 2017